SAXSLab is the exclusive distributor
of LS Instruments in the US/Canada.

We specialize in scattering for polymers, nanoparticles, proteins, micelles and sub-micron particles in general.

Our group of specialists are there to help in your scattering needs.

LS Spectrometer

� With the LS Spectrometer and the 3D option, Multi-Angle DLS (MADLS) and multi-angle SLS is easier than ever.� No need to adjust the intensity, no need to increase the concentration just below multiple scattering, the dynamic range of the LS Spectrometer makes it ideal for solvents to large scattering molecules!

DWS RheoLab

The DWS RheoLab is an innovative microRheometer that can measure the same rheological range as conventional mechanical rheometer but will extend the frequency range by many orders of magnitude.� With the DWS RheoLab, measuring creams, emulsions, cosmetics, oils and many other systems is easy.� Just place the sample in a cuvette, wait 3 minutes and the result is on the screen!� Ask for a demo on your system, you will quickly realize the potential of the DWS RheoLab.

NanoLab 3D

The NanoLab 3D is an easy to use DLS instrument.� No need to be an expert in DLS to make reliable measurements.� The NanoLab 3D can measure samples that are water clear, hazy or white without dilution!� Ever wondered what happens to your emulsion then you dilute before conventional DLS?� Wonder no more!

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