We are the specialists in SAXS/WAXS

SAXSLAB and Xenocs are now one company to bring the best possible Small Angle X-ray instrumentation to your laboratory.� We are the leaders in SAXS/WAXS and have installations in the most prestigious laboratories throughout the world.


For the most demanding applications, the versatile Xeuss 2.0 is an open platform configuration to provide the most user flexibility.

Complete automation is standard, including:

The Q-Xoom feature automates the sample-to-detector distance to maximize collection efficiency from SAXS to WAXS.
Automated sample changing and automated programmed control of the sample environment temperature, tensile, shear and more.
Live sample imaging

The BioXolver provides the fastest route to protein structure in solution. This complete SAXS instrument with full robotic liquid sampling and automated calculation of the Protein Shape, Radius, Molecular Weight, and Virial Coefficient, A2. No special sample preparation is necessary and now with in-line Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) for unambiguous separation of monomers from multimers/complex/aggregate.

The Nano-inXider is SAXS/WAXS made easy. From routine QC to R&D applications, the Nano-inXider is a powerful instrument with a small lab footprint. For non-experts and experienced users alike, the Nano-inXider provides publication-quality SAXS/WAXS data within minutes.

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